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Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill was a multitalented artist who was a Renaissance man of the abstract. Neither cubist, futurist, minimalist, abstractionist, or constructivist, he was all at once. This book and the exhibition it accompanies (on view at the Georgia Museum of Art at the University of Georgia January 6–March 19, 2018) constitute a survey of his career, from printmaker to painter, from pulp-paper pioneer to lyrical wall constructions. Hill’s biographer Susan Larsen referred to his “effortless fluency” of craft, from which his distinctive visual vocabulary takes voice and which these works demonstrate. William U. Eiland is the curator of the exhibition, the author of this book, and the director of the Georgia Museum of Art.

Hardcover; 124 pp.; $40
ISBN: 978-1-946657-06-0
Published: April 2018

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Bloom Where You're Planted: The Collection of Deen Day Sanders

This catalogue accompanies the exhibition of the same name, on view at the Georgia Museum of Art May 19 – July 29, 2018.  Drawn from one of the most important Georgia-based collections of American art, the catalogue features furniture and porcelain as well as paintings in a unique opportunity to see the exceptional collection from Bellmere, the home of Jim and Deen Day Sanders. Essays discuss a wide range of topics including the American West, depictions of reading in late 19th and early 20th century portraiture, creating a home out of the best decorative arts, and interpretations of Florida flora and fauna in an Ernest Lawson painting. 

The authors of this collection are diverse and include conservation botanist Linda Chafin, State Botanical Garden of Georgia special events coordinator Connie Cottingham, curator of decorative arts Dale L. Couch, director William U. Eiland, curator of American art Sarah Kate Gillespie, associate professor of language and literacy education Jennifer Graff, curator of American paintings Donald D. Keyes, associate professor of history Akela Reason, graduate student Courtney Shimek, and former president of the Friends of the State Botanical Garden Mike Sikes.

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Vernacular Modernism: The Photography of Doris Ulmann

This is the first complete retrospective of the work of photographer Doris Ulmann (1882 – 1934), treating the full scope of her production, including her early pictorialist photographs, her studio portrait production, her focus on the rural craftsmen and women of Appalachia and her work on the African American and Gullah communities of coastal South Carolina and Georgia.

Ulmann created studio portraits in her native New York of literary and artistic celebrities but also traveled to Appalachia, the rural South and the Gullah coastal region to photograph locals and their crafts. Because of her variety of subjects, her work is difficult to categorize, but it has elements of pictorialism (fine art photography that often blurred its subjects to emphasize atmosphere) and documentary photography. It focuses on preservation of the American past and shows an interest in some of modernism’s concerns: a priority on form, sharper tonal contrast and quality of line, and unmanipulated prints.

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Richard Hunt: Synthesis

This exhibition catalogue focuses on formative periods in the career of American sculptor Richard Hunt, whose 130-plus public commissions in more than 24 states have made him a legendary figure in modern and contemporary sculpture. Hunt, whose career has spanned six decades, has also been a formidable presence in redefining the role of public sculpture in the late 20th and early 21st century. His parallel studio career shows his experimentation with a variety of media, methods and formal considerations, but has been underexplored critically as an essential aspect of his later success. The catalogue features full-color full-page illustrations of every work in the exhibition, including welded and cast sculpture dating from the 1950s to the present, models he made after his transition to large-scale public commissions in the late 1960s and lithographs and other works on paper. Curator Shawnya Harris supplies a long essay. The book also includes a detailed chronology of Hunt’s career and historic photos.