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Masterpieces of Renaissance and Baroque Sculpture from the Palazzo Venezia, Rome

Twenty-two sculptures from the Palazzo Venezia in Rome, Italy, were brought to the Georgia Museum of Art for their first exhibition in the United States in 1997. Marble, terra-cotta and bronze sculptures from the 15th to the 17th centuries were featured, including four reliefs by Mino da Fiesole depicting the life of St. Jerome, originally from Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the four principal basilicas in Rome, and Bernini's terra-cotta model for one of the angels on the Ponte Sant'Angelo. The catalogue includes an essay on the history of the Museum at the Palazzo Venezia, a catalogue of the exhibition and a bibliography.

Exhibition dates: October 5-November 24, 1996
General Editor: Shelley Zuraw
Essays by Claudio Strinati; Maria Letizia Casanova; Maria Giulia Barberini; Shelley Zuraw
Catalogue entries: Shelley Zuraw; Maria Giulia Barberini; Pietro Cannata
90 p.; Illustrated (includes 24 color plates); Essays: 4; Published: 1996; $25.00
ISBN: 0-915977-29-x

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Images of Women in 17th-Century Dutch Art: Domesticity and the Representation of the Peasant

This book, the third in the series that includes the volumes "Crosscurrents in American Impressionism" and "The Craft of Art," was written in conjunction with a symposium that accompanied the 1994 exhibition entitled "Adriaen Van Ostade: Etchings of Peasant Life in Holland's Golden Age." The publication includes several scholarly essays that discuss issues of women and peasants in 17th-century Dutch art, as well as a memoir by S. William Pelletier, director of the Institute for Natural Products Research at the University of Georgia, on his collection of prints by Van Ostade. Scholars covered the broad issue of domesticity, as well as the underlying themes of privacy and civility throughout the Dutch works of that period. The characterization of the peasant as a parent and cultural entity is also discussed. Scholars emphasized the portrayal of the Dutch peasant as the "other" in the country's social structure rather than as a positive or negative figure in 17th-century art.

General Editor: Patricia Phagan
Essays by S. William Pelletier; Lisa Rosenthal; Wayne Franits; Nanette Salomon
94 p.; Illustrated; Essays: 5; Published: 1997; $16.00
ISBN: 0-915977-19-2

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Sacred Art, Secular Context: Objects of Art from the Byzantine Collection of Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C.

This exhibition featured 71 objects from the Byzantine Collection of Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, D.C., representing the imperial, ecclesiastical and secular realms.

Exhibition dates: May 6-November 6, 2005
General Editor: Asen Kirin
192 pp; Illustrated. Published: 2005; $35.00
ISBN: 0-915977-57-5

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J. M. W. Turner Watercolors from the British Museum

With exceptional powers of observation, Joseph Mallord William Turner recorded the changing world of the 18th century in his work. As the only British artist of his era to reflect the spirit of progress, he assumes a unique place in English art. The works in the exhibition were selected both to document Turner's career as a watercolorist and for their sheer beauty; the watercolors and drawings featured in the exhibition demonstrated Turner's mastery of watercolor. The publication includes an examination of Turner's life and artistic technique as well as a catalogue of the exhibition, which focused on the artist's watercolors.

General Editor: Lindsay Stainton
Essay by Richard S. Schneiderman
Preface by William C. Agee; John Rowlands; Richard S. Schneiderman
92 p.; Illustrated (includes 16 color plates); Essays: 1; Published: 1982; $15.00

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Woven Jewels from the Black Tents

This CD-ROM catalogue of an exhibition at the Georgia Museum of Art breaks new ground in the field of tribal weavings by the Baluch and Aimaq peoples (and related tribes) of Central Asia. Essays at the beginning examine weaving and spinning techniques, the history of tribal rugs, traditional and more modern dyes and the imagery of war rugs from both the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1970s and the post-9/11 era. A catalogue of the exhibition, with extensive details on the included weavings, follows.

Exhibition Dates: May 20-July 30, 2006
Author: Stephen Jett
CD-ROM: 131 pages. Published: 2006; $7.00
ISBN-10: 0-915977-58-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-915977-58-1