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Educational Programming

Film Series

The Georgia Museum of Art offers a variety of films and film series throughout the year in the M. Smith Griffith Auditorium. The annual Latin American Film Series has been a particular highlight, drawing new audiences every year, and Janice Simon, Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor in Art, has organized series on the directors Ingmar Bergman and Alfred Hitchcock and avant-garde short films.

Lectures and Symposia

Artists and scholars are invited throughout the year to the Georgia Museum of Art for lectures and symposia. Past speakers have included Marvin Trachtenberg, Nash Boney, Francis Naumann and many more. The Alfred Heber Holbrook Memorial Lecture and a lecture organized with the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts are annual occurrences. Every other year, the museum organizes the Henry D. Green Symposium on the Decorative Arts and the Andrew Ladis Memorial Trecento Conference, both of which draw scholars in their fields from far and wide and are well attended by the general public.