See What We Have to Offer

As both an academic museum that shares the trifold mission of the University of Georgia (teaching, research and service) and as the state museum of art, the Georgia Museum of Art offers an array of educational resources. The Louis T. Griffith Library is open to the public and contains a wide selection of books, reference works, auction catalogues and periodicals. Within the library, the Study Centers in the Humanities contain archives from the museum’s collection and include the C.L. Morehead Jr. Center for the Study of American Art, the Henry D. Green Center for the Study of the Decorative Arts, the Jacob Burns Foundation Center and the Pierre Daura Center.

The museum also offers a number of resources for teachers, from pre-K through university professors, including downloadable teaching packets that highlight how to use art in a number of subject areas and relate it to specific learning objectives. Although the museum is closed to the public on Mondays, both school tours and university classes may be admitted with arrangements in advance. Call 706.542.4662 for more information about reservations.

As a state institution, the museum is committed to outreach as a component of its mission, and, in addition to the numerous children’s programs it organizes, it regularly works with senior citizens and other members of the community. University students are directly involved in the day-to-day workings of the museum through the Federal Work-Study program as well as through our involved internship program. Finally, the museum serves as its own imprint for scholarly books, publishing exhibition catalogues and independent works of research, which have won awards from the American Association of Museums, the Southeastern Museums Conference and Independent Publisher Book Awards.