To the God of Your Choice

by Katherine Hammond and Lee Smith


Video. This work was made out of photo jpegs. Just as with the multiple images in a triptych, this work is a series of thousands of separate images.

Artist Statement

As human beings, we long to carry the message of our existence, through the means available to us--be this the ipod or the triptych. Personal devotions or meditations are hardly ever found through religion any longer.We leave that technogy. This short film, "To The God of Your Choice," was inspired by Simone dei Crocefissi's  "Madonna and Child with Saints."  It serves as an exploration of the stories which might surround a new "Queen of Heaven." The study of astronomy, man going to the moon, rovers on Mars, the man of sorrows captivated by the need for explanation of his life. The film represents stories of a life of an adventurer, who believes, in perhaps, another God. As Perri Lee Roberts mentions in the notes, "Simone's work is characterized by outstanding attention to genre and decorative detail, innovative imagery, and exaggerated facial expressions." This work is an homage to those details.

Katherine Hammond & Lee Smith:  We are an artistic team who have worked together for over 30 years. We work in film, theatre, performance art, sculpture and mixed media.

Project Entry

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