About the Project

Fifty years ago, the Samuel H. Kress Foundation gave a small collection of Italian Renaissance paintings to the Georgia Museum of Art as part of the foundation’s efforts to make great works of art available to the general public in museums throughout the United States. In celebration of that anniversary and to further the foundation’s mission to promote interaction with great works of art, the Georgia Museum of Art announced the Kress Project in June 2011. The Kress Project solicited responses to the 12 Italian Renaissance and Baroque paintings in the museum’s Kress Collection from around the globe, with a total of 403 submissions coming from as far away as Turkey and Iran. Submissions included visual art in many media (painting, drawing, sculpture, video, photography and such new media as Twitter and Facebook), works of fiction, poems, original songs and music, recipes, dance, interactive works and one 60-minute radio broadcast/podcast created at Brenau University.

Participants ranged from children to the elderly and from those with great familiarity with the works of art to many who had never seen them before. There was no fee to submit a response.

Works by 24 winners, each of whom won $500, as well as works by 26 honorable mentions were published in a gilt-edged, bound volume, “The Kress Project,” in the summer of 2013. Works by five younger winners, each of whom won $50, were also published in the book. 

The Kress Project is generously supported by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York.