• Staff Photo
  • Taylor Lear

    December 20, 2018
Feature Image Vest with shoulder sleeves, ca. 1907 GMOA 2017.1-3E

Exhibition Provides Extensive Look into Tsar Nicholas II’s Life

When asked to describe the Georgia Museum of Art’s newest exhibition, “The Reluctant Autocrat: Tsar Nicholas II,” head preparator Todd Rivers said that it stands out to him in two distinct ways. First, the show consists of “artifacts from all walks of Nicholas II’s life: birth, childhood, coronation and legacy,” he said. Rivers also noted the show is comprehensive in that it “encompasses almost every form of art including ceramics, lithographs, photographs, icons, medals, uniforms, paintings, jewelry, coins and more.”

The exhibition, which focuses on Alexander III and the final Russian emperor, Nicholas II, opens this Saturday, December 22. It is arranged in a logical, easy-to-follow design across five galleries for all visitors to enjoy, regardless of their level of background knowledge. “I love this show because it tells such a clear story,” preparator Elizabeth Howe said, “You get to see the same people, the same clothing and the same imagery across all of the different works, and you can easily recognize the narrative.”

For visitors who wish to gain a deeper understand of the show, however, Howe strongly recommends attending one of Asen Kirin’s tours. The Parker Curator of Russian Art has a detailed familiarity with not only the works of art, but also the subjects and events surrounding them.

Visitors can come to Kirin’s “Tour at Two” on January 23 at 2 p.m. should they want to witness this extensive knowledge firsthand. Other programs related to this exhibition include Elegant Salute XVI, 90 Carlton: Winter, Toddler Tuesday: Treasure Hunt and Family Day: Russian Embroidery.

The holiday season is in full swing, and this free exhibition is the perfect experience for both friends and families who are in Athens for a few days and locals who are looking for fun destinations this winter. The museum will be closed on December 25 and January 1, but will otherwise hold normal hours. “The Reluctant Autocrat: Tsar Nicholas II” will be on view December 22, 2018, through March 17, 2019.