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Friends Fund It All

Everything we do is paid for with private, not public funds, and membership provides a significant amount of those dollars, helping us keep admission free to all. For as little as $45 for an individual membership, you can support your official state museum of art, on the campus of UGA, as we strive to make our community and state a more culturally vibrant place to live.

Membership funds exhibitions, school tours, film series, lectures, statewide outreach, Family Day, programs for seniors, acquisitions and more. If you love the Georgia Museum of Art and you want to share that love with others, there’s no better way to do so than becoming a member of the Friends.

Every member enjoys

To purchase a gift membership, contact the Friends Membership office at 706.542.0830 or

Friends of the Georgia Museum of Art can volunteer at museum events, in the shop or library, as docents and as membership recruiters. If you are interested in becoming more involved or have other questions, call our membership line at 706.542.0830 or email us.