Dale Nichols: Transcending Regionalism

December 17, 2011 - February 27, 2012
Virginia and Alfred Kennedy Gallery

Organized by the Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art in David City, Neb., this retrospective exhibition presents Nebraska native Dale Nichols’ nostalgic images of rural America. Paintings dating from 1935 to 1972 establish Nichols not only as a regionalist in the company of such great artists as Grant Wood and Thomas Hart Benton, but one who transcended the confines of the genre to achieve universal success. This exhibition represents a recollection of Nichols’ years on the farm in Nebraska but manifests those memories in a variety of styles and places. Nichols held firm to his midwestern roots while he traveled the world in search of adventure and truth. Imbued with the inherent problems of isolation, poverty and inequality within American society, Nichols’ art references and upholds an American agrarian ideal.

In-House Curator

Paul Manoguerra, chief curator and curator of American art


The W. Newton Morris Charitable Foundation and the Friends of the Georgia Museum of Art