On View

Terra Verte

May 31, 2014 - August 11, 2015
Jane and Harry Willson Sculpture Garden

Scottish artist Patricia Leighton has been making art in the public realm for more than 25 years, creating large-scale permanent commissions that relate to the history of a given site and relevant environmental and ecological conditions. She views the integration of art and site as a collaborative process and works in tandem with a diverse creative team of professionals from fields such as ecology, engineering, architecture and landscape architecture. Leighton’s installation in the museum’s sculpture garden consists of six “growing cubes,” elevated frameworks of steel filled with living vegetation, sited throughout the three tiers of the space. She said, “Having grown up surrounded by Scottish hills and mountains of ever-changing color, texture and light; having traveled Britain and Europe viewing ancient sacred sites like the Ring of Brogar in Orkney or Hagar Qim in Malta, I have experienced first-hand a sense of timelessness and hidden mysteries. I seek to capture this sense of presence in my work and the intrinsic echoes of the landscape.” Leighton has created work in Scotland; England; Wales; South Korea; Bulgaria; and, in the United States, in New York City; Charlotte, N.C.; and Roosville, Mont.

"Stone Levity," a sculpture by Leighton's husband, Del Geist, is installed in the Performing and Visual Arts Complex quad, in front of the Performing Arts Center.


Annelies Mondi, deputy director


The W. Newton Morris Charitable Foundation and the Friends of the Georgia Museum of Art