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Georgia Museum of Art curator receives 2009 Georgia Museum Educator of the Year Award

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ATHENS, GA December 9, 2008 — The Georgia Museum of Art is honored to announce that the Georgia Art Education Association (GAEA) has selected Carissa DiCindio, associate curator of education at the Georgia Museum of Art, to receive the Georgia Museum Educator of the Year Award for 2009. DiCindio was nominated for her outstanding efforts in increasing public awareness of the importance of quality art education. The award recognizes one exceptional GAEA member for exemplary contributions, service and achievement at the state level.

DiCindio was honored at the awards banquet of the 2008 GAEA Fall Professional Learning Conference, “Art for All,” on November 7 at the Classic Center in Athens, Ga.


"Modern Threads: Fashion and Art by Mariska Karasz" shortlisted by the Costume Society of America

Monday, December 8, 2008

ATHENS, GA, December 8, 2008 — The Costume Society of America (CSA) recently shortlisted the exhibition catalogue “Modern Threads: Fashion and Art by Mariska Karasz” (Georgia Museum of Art, 2007) for the Millia Davenport Publication Award.

Organized by Ashley Callahan, former curator of the Henry D. Green Center for the Study of the Decorative Arts at the Georgia Museum of Art, Modern Threads: Fashion and Art by Mariska Karasz was the first exhibition on fashion designer and fiber artist Karasz in nearly 40 years. Karasz incorporated unorthodox materials such as shoestrings, post office twine, fishing line, tinsel and cello strings in her work, which can be seen in detail in the publication.


The American Scene on Paper: Prints and Drawings from the Schoen Collection on view at Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, S.C.

December, 2008

ATHENS, GA — The American Scene on Paper: Prints and Drawings from the Schoen Collection will be on view at the Gibbes Museum of Art from December 19, 2008, to March 22, 2009. Organized by the Georgia Museum of Art, this exhibition presents art that reflects the vast political, social and economic changes that occurred during the Great Depression and World War II.

“The dynamic period of American art spanning the 1930s and 1940s is an era rich in complexity and diversity,” said Jason Schoen, collector of American art. “I was captivated by the interest the artists had in American subjects. The quest for what was uniquely American inspired the artist to depict the heroic, the ordinary and the novel.”


Elegant Salute xi: A Hardhat Salute raises nearly $100,000 for the Georgia Museum of Art

Saturday, November 8, 2008

ATHENS, GA – The Friends of the Georgia Museum of Art in Athens, GA, hosted the 11th biennial Elegant Salute xi: A Hardhat Salute on Saturday, November 8, and raised nearly $100,000 with the help of ticket sales and event sponsors.

Money raised from the gala will fund exhibitions and future educational programming at the museum.


Georgia Museum of Art Sets Construction Schedule for New Wing

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

William U. Eiland, director of the Georgia Museum of Art, announces that the museum will be closing its gallery spaces on November 3, 2008, for two years in order to begin the construction of an additional wing and renovation of its present space. This period of expansion will begin in early spring of 2009 and continue until the museum reopens to the public in early 2011. During this time, the museum will sponsor a number of events and exhibitions, including collaborations with the Lyndon House Arts Center and other businesses and organizations statewide.

The museum shop will remain open through Thursday, December 24 and will have an online presence during the construction. Patrons will be able to keep abreast of the construction progress with regularly posted updates to the GMOA website. The museum will also have a virtual building in Second Life, a 3D virtual world created by its residents where visitors can tour a representation of the current GMOA galleries and view digital versions of works of art in the permanent collection.